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all Kempf adaptations

We are proud to adapt many cars vor veterans every year with the Darios accelerator ring and main handbrake.

All KEMPF products are accepted by the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs).
Several VA Medical Centers have teaching vehicles equipped with the KEMPF digital accelerator ring.

If you are a veteran, please contact your prosthetics representative to request the KEMPF digital hand controls.

As a veteran you may benefit from an autogrant and so the Darios and main hand brake will be paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us so we may provide you with a list of facilities 
at which you may be trained.

The training usually takes a few hours, because driving with the ring allows you to keep both hands on the wheel and the accelerator and brake functions are kept separate. 
It is quite intuitive for anyone to learn.

In addition driving with both hands may reduce and or delay the occurence of shoulder instability.

The products and adaptations from KEMPF are designed and manufactured with high standards of quality and reliability. They comply and
often exceed States’ safety requirements.
KEMPF is member of NMEDA and QAP certified.

“I met Martine at the Veterans Wheelchair Games in Pittsburg a couple years ago. I test drove the system and loved it.
I have a left shoulder disability and this system is so much better and easier to use.
Not only the accelerator ring but the brake is right at my left hand and very comfortable.” Paul C. AZ

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All Kempf products are designed, manufactured and installed by Kempf and have a lifetime warranty.

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