The main Hand Brake  

Driving with the main hand brake

Our driving solution for someone who cannot use his or her legs is a digital accelerator ring Darios and a main hand brake installed right or left from the steering wheel. 

The main hand brake can also be installed alone for a driver who can still use one leg to accelerate.

The main left or right hand brake consists of a lever coming out of the dashboard that pivots around one horizontal and invisible axis.

The brake lever’s handle moves downward.

No need to bend forward to brake, so you keep your eyes level at all time.

The mechanical connection with the brake pedal is hidden behind the bottom cover of the dashboard.
Therefore, the knee space remains free of any metal parts.
The knee airbag remains functional as well.

Of course the original brake pedal always remains functional.


driving with the hand brake


integration of the brake


of the hand brake



of the main hand brake

Driving with the main hand brake

- The brake knob is placed quite close to the steering wheel to enable acurate and fast braking in emergency situations.

- The force required to brake by hand is approximately one half of the one required by foot.

- All adjustments of the steering column are maintained.

Hand Brake

how is it designed

The hand brake is designed to be easily accessible in any position of the steering wheel.

The design of the hand brake is different for each model of vehicle to be well integrated inside the dashboard.

Its position is chosen to be easily reached without having to move your shoulder.

When the original brake pedal is activated by foot, by another driver, the lever of the hand brake will not move down. It will never be in the way.

“I met Martine at the Veterans Wheelchair Games in Pittsburg a couple years ago. I test drove the system and loved it.
I have a left shoulder disability and this system is so much better and easier to use.
Not only the accelerator ring but the brake is right at my left hand and very comfortable.”
Paul C. AZ

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of the main hand brake

The brake knob matching leather.

The brake knob fits nicely in the car's interior.
We try to match the leather color of the ring and the brake knob to the steering wheel leather.

A large number of colors are available.

 adaptation examples    

Brake Knob

hand made for the main hand brake

Many leather colors available

The brake knob can be covered with many different leather colors or Alcantara to match the leather of the car's interior.

The stitching in various colors to match the steering wheel stiches is hand made.


of the main hand brake

The hand brake is well integrated in the dashboard and no metal parts are added in the knee space.

The handbrake is designed to be hidden inside the dashboard. It garantees the full braking range of the brake pedal all the way to the floor in case of a braking system failure.
The knee airbag remains functional.


of the main hand brake


in laboratories 


the accelerator ring

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of the main hand brake

An example of the mechanism of one hand brake. Each model is different.

The hand brake is designed specifically for each model of vehicle. The dashboard and the brake pedal are measured using a 3D laser scanner. Its design garantees that, in the case of a failure of the original braking system, the full braking range of the brake pedal all the way to the floor is reachable using the main hand brake lever.


of the main hand brake

Emergency braking tests

Several tests have confirmed that the hand brake has the same braking efficiency as the foot brake.

Endurance tests performed by a car manufacturer have proven that under various weather conditions, ice and heat, the hand brake is as efficient as the original brake pedal.



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