List of vehicles which have been adapted with DARIOS and the main hand brake

The Digital Accelerator Ring and the Main Hand Brake are specifically designed for each vehicle model.
This work requires a study of the specifications of each vehicle and acquiring complex 3D data from the steering wheel to perfectly integrate the digital accelerator ring and the hand brake.
The models listed here have been researched and developed so the installation time will be minimal. 

For models not listed please take into account an additional 2-3 weeks install time for proper dimensioning and design.
Almost every week, new models are added, so feel free to contact us if you don't see a particular model.
Because vehicle models are often updated by the manufacturers it's always wise to contact us and request a quotation for your particular model.


The digital accelerator ring DARIOS and the main hand brake are an optimal solution for a driver who cannot use his or her legs.

    adapted cars

with DARIOS & Brake

    adapted cars


  adapted cars 

with Left Accelerator


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