Accelerator ring DARIOS 211
for flat bottom steering wheels

DARIOS 211 - a flat bottom ring for a flat bottom steering wheel

The digital accelerator ring Darios 211 is designed for flat bottom steering wheels.
Its shape is not round. It has a flat bottom similar to the shape of the steering wheel.

Its only difference with the DARIOS or DARIOS-DUO is its shape.

It also has a sleeve which turns freely over its metal holder. This enables the driver to very precisely control the acceleration when exiting a turn, putting light pressure on the sleeve while letting the steering wheel glide through his fingers.

The sleeve of the Darios 211 slides independently from the steering wheel.

It is no longer round, but it still turns!
How do you cover a ring which is not round with a sliding sleeve?  For its innovative solution, Kempf received an award at the Hannover fair in 2019.

The accelerator ring which was invented in the 1950s by Jean-pierre Kempf has been used by tens of thousands of drivers and is still beeing re-designed and improved. 
The basic idea is simple:
A ring installed on the steering wheel takes the function of the accelerator pedal.
The acceleration is controlled by pushing on the ring with very little effort. 



for flat bottom steering wheels

Driving with both hands on the wheel

From the beginning the ring has always turned independently from the steering wheel.

This feature enables the driver to control the acceleration very precisely when exiting a turn. He keeps pressure on the ring and let the steering wheel  slip through his fingers.


DARIOS-211 in an Alfa Romeo Giulia

The challenge with the flat bottom ring was to make a sleeve slide over a metal ring which is not round.

The solution was found after many months of research and development. It is innovative and ambitious. It uses more than 200 parts which are 3D printed because of their complexity.


more than 200 pieces . . .

The structure of the sleeve is made out of more than 200 pieces which slide on the metal ring.

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This  solution was developped by the Kempf team in collaboration with Igus, a manufacturer of self lubricating plastic. 
The small parts which make up the sleeve are 3D printed by Igus.
More than 200 parts are needed for each sleeve which glides over the metal ring. 

These parts are covered with leather so Darios 211 fits nicely in the car's interior. 
The solution is elegant and technically pleasing. Users really enjoy it.
For this innovation, Kempf won the Bronze Manus award at the Hannover Fair in 2019 among 445 participants. 


“I love the Elegance of your design. And using the controls is very intuitive.
And you make the process so easy because you handle all the transportation issues.
And you guarantee your product for a long time and you come on site if there's a problem. You're in it for the long-term relationship with the customer and that is special. I highly recommend you to anybody who talks about hand controls.
It was hard to find you on the internet when I was just searching for keywords but I'm so glad I stuck with it for many hours and weeks and found you.”
Laura B., IL

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