The PICADO steering knob
with secondary functions

Driving without the use of one arm

Our solution for driving with only one hand on the steering wheel is Picado, the stabilized steering knob with the controls of secondary functions installed left or right on the steering wheel.

Using only one hand, the driver steers his or her car holding the steering knob and activates the electric functions using the buttons placed in reaching distance of the thumb. PICADO is firmly attached to the steering wheel rim and its knob is removable. 

PICADO uses the existing wired connection for the horn to send its signals from the steering wheel to the dashboard and therefore doesn’t require any battery; its reliability is guaranteed.

PICADO - The steering knob with secondary functions enables a driver using only one hand on the wheel to control up to 16 functions without taking his hand off the knob: 

1 - Wiper - /Washer rear
2 - Wiper + /Washer front
3 - Turn signal left/Power window left (optional)
4 - Turn signal right/Hazard
5 - Lights - Low beam/high beam
6 - Flash (high beam)
7 - Horn

Helpful in round-abouts : 
8 - Turn signal left momentary (approx. 5 cycles)
9 - Turn signal right momentary
(approx. 5 cycles)

The 2nd function of a button is activated by pushing and holding
it for more than 0.5 seconds.

The turn signal buttons are white and slightly illuminated while the other buttons are black.
Like the keys of a piano, their functions are very easily memorized, so there is no need to add stickers with the function symbols.


of Picado steering knob


of the Picado knob


and reliability of Picado



of the PICADO steering knob

Driving with one hand on the wheel

PICADO is the first steering knob which doesn’t turn freely around its axis. A weak but stabilizing force maintains the knob in one orientation.
The driver’s hand can rest on the stabilized knob while driving.
At the onset of a turn or during parking manoeuvers the stabilizing force is hardly noticeable.

The very light weight of the knob and its control unit which doesn't require a battery, will not affect the steering even with a light power steering.

The two white and illuminated turn-signal buttons are easily recognized by touch through their slight difference in height.

The buttons are positionned to be easily reached by the thumb or the index finger of the steering hand.

With 9 buttons the driver controls up to 16 functions because some buttons control multiple functions.

The original horn on the steering wheel remains functional.



The PICADO steering knob with its innovative stabilizing force maintains the knob stable when driving straight on and therefore solicitates the hand muscles much less than a regular steering knob.


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For  decades steering knobs installed on steering wheels have been turning freely to enable a driver to steer very easily with one hand.

However driving straight on for long periods of time was quite tiring because of the instability of the knob constantly soliciting the hand muscles.

Therefore many drivers were taking their hands off the knob on long trips holding the steering wheel with their hand. 

PICADO's innovation is its rotational stabilizing force giving the driver unsurpassed comfort and safety.

Particularly while driving straight on, the hand muscles are far less solicited than with a standard steering knob which turns freely around its axis.

The driver is able to keep his hand on the knob even on long trips being always ready to control the secondary functions at any time.


“Durability and Safety exceed our  expectations.
We are so very delighted with adaptions. Easy to learn and use. Looks fantastic and performs beyond expectations.

Top class service from start to finish.
Service is superior to any mobility adaptive equipment I have used.
Quality and service in one place is amazing. Driving with confidence is a pleasure thanks for Kempf”
Donna H., GA

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of the PICADO

Elegance of the PICADO steering knob:

The steering knob and its control unit are covered with leather to fit esthetically to the car's interior.
The symetrically formed control units are tightly fitted to the steering wheel's rim and don't interfere with the view of the instrument panel.

The turn signal buttons are white and slightly illuminated while the other five buttons are black. Similar to the keys of a piano, their functions are very easily memorized, so there is no need to add stickers with the function symbols.

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of the PICADO steering knob

The commands from the Picado buttons are transmitted using a wired connection to the controller under the dashboard. 

The system is compatible with the airbag and can be installed in most vehicles. 
The original secondary functions remain functional.

PICADO uses an existing wired connection to send its signals from the steering wheel to the dashboard and therefore doesn’t require any battery; its reliability is guaranteed.


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of the PICADO

The system PICADO consists of a steering knob with its control unit installed on the steering wheel and a controller placed under the dashboard.

When the driver activates a button on the control unit, the command is sent through an existing wired connection from the steering wheel to the dashboard where it is analyzed by the main electronic controller.

The appropriate function is then activated, like it would by the original controls.
The use of a wired connection makes the system perfectly reliable in all circumstances.
No battery is needed like it would be with wireless systems.

The system is programmable to fit the specific wiring requirements of each car.
It can be installed on most vehicles with automatic transmission including vehicles with multiplex electronics.


of the PICADO steering knob

Electromagnetic compatibility Tests:

The steering knob with its control unit was tested for electromagnetic compatibility in an anechoic chamber and has been found to be in compliance with the European directive 95/54 EC for electromagnetic compatibility.

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