Kempf adapts handicap vehicles with digital car hand controls, electronic left foot gas pedals and other handicap driving aids using leading edge technology. The handicap driving solutions from Kempf respect and maintain all safety features of the adapted vehicles. With Darios - the digital accelerator ring and main hand brake paraplegic drivers can keep both hands on the steering wheel.
Picado Mercedes A-Class
Kempf left foot accelerator pedal

PICADO - The stabilized steering knob with secondary functions enables a driver using only one hand on the wheel to control up to 16 functions without taking his hand off the knob. An unsurpassed comfort is obtained thanks to its stabilizing force.

A driver without the use of the right leg,can use a switchable electronic left foot accelerator pedal installed left from the brake pedal. With a pushbutton on the dashboard the driver selects the left pedal just after starting the engine.

Kempf offers a lifetime warranty on all its products and free transport nationwide with the installation of a Darios hand control or a Picado steering knob.


Kempf lifetime warranty
Kempf features free transport nationwide