Darios Mercedes
Darios - the digital accelerator ring

DARIOS - the digital accelerator ring and the main hand brake

Product Description

Our solution for hand controls for paraplegic drivers, is DARIOS - the Digital Accelerator Ring and the Main Hand Brake, which can be installed on most cars with automatic transmissions.

Smoothly push the ring towards the steering wheel to accelerate.

Move the main hand brake downward to brake. It may be installed left or right from the steering column.

In some situations one hand is enough to steer and accelerate, keeping the other hand free to control the radio or the ventilator, while never beeing far from the hand brake.


video without sound (2min 25sec)

These hand controls allow a person who lost the use of both legs, to drive with both hands on the steering wheel.

Watch Veterans' testdrives at the Wheelchair games.


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“I’ve had people sit in my car and ask me, “How do you drive this? There aren’t any hand-control thingy’s here?” The throttle ring seems as if it belongs on the steering wheel.”

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Darios Hand controls
Comfort with Darios hand controls
Elegance with Darios hand controls
Safety with both hands on the wheel

Darios digital accelerator ring
Darios in Ferrari 458 Italia