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Watch test drives by veterans in Spokane, WA
at the Veterans Wheelchair Games

Our solution for handcontrols for paraplegic drivers, is the Digital Accelerator Ring and the Main Hand Brake, which can be installed on most cars with automatic transmissions.

Smoothly push the ring towards the steering wheel to accelerate.

Move the main hand brake downward to brake.

In some situations the left hand is enough to steer and accelerate, keeping the right hand free to control the radio or the ventilator, while never beeing far from the hand brake.

This handcontrol allows a person who lost the use of both legs, to drive with both hands on the steering wheel.










Watch the following short videos by clicking on the links below:

1. Driving with the digital accelerator ring(2 min)

2. Safe driving - switch easily from accelerator and brake(34 sec)

3. Comfort in Driving with the digital ring - keeping a normal seating position(55 sec)

4. Clearance for your knees - Knee airbag remains functional(1 min)

5. Two modes of driving - Comfort and Sport(42sec)

6. High level of Safety - Two sensors inside the steering wheel(34 sec)

7. Parallel Parking - first attempt by this veteran(27sec)

8. Keeping both hands on the steering wheel - a real advantage(2 min 35s)

9. All airbags remain functional - original safety is maintained(52 sec)

10. City driving - Stop and go with the digital accelerator ring and main hand brake(2 min 35s)

11. Easy transfer in and out of the car - Knee area free of metal parts(54 sec)

12. Freeway driving - use of cruise-control with the digital ring(3 min)


digital accelerator ring on Jeep